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Insect Identification (Module 1):

A 6 week course covering the identification of insects to the ordinal level. Participants will gain a general knowledge of insect form and structure and will be able to identify insects to the ordinal level at course completion. This course is aimed towards students wanting to enhance their identification skills or ecology based individuals looking to do their own identifications. Hobby farmers and gardeners will also find this course valuable.

Dates: TBA         Costs: $220 per student

Collection of Insect Samples:

A short 2 week course describing and demonstrating the collection methods used in sampling insects from various habitats. This course will be of great benefit to teachers at Primary and Secondary levels undertaking insect studies with their students and is suitably targeted to all student age levels.

Dates: TBA         Costs: $60 per student

Invertebrate Based Revegetation:

By adopting an invertebrate emphasis to revegetation projects, results are gained quicker and establishing native regrowth comes easier. This course will run for 2 weeks and is aimed towards land managers, conservation groups and farmers looking for a different approach in land management and conservation.

Dates: TBA         Costs: $90 per student

The Ecology of Ants (Formicidae):

Ants are one of the more dominant invertebrate groups and play a vital role in the recycling of soil nutrients throughout the world. They provide assistance in seed survival and germination, help control potential pests and are a fascinating insect group to observe. This particular 2 week course covers the common species of central Victoria as well as other obscure species types.

Dates: TBA         Costs: $150 per student