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The Insectarium of Victoria and the Victorian Institute of Invertebrate Sciences first opened at 221 High Street, Heathcote, Central Victoria on September 24th 1993, with the goal of providing a new facility for the study of insects and related invertebrates.

Over the next few years, the IOV / VIIS developed into an important resource for students undertaking entomological studies. The centre also began to encourage visitation by members of the public to see and learn about these fascinating animals. By July 1998, the Insectarium of Victoria had seen over 15,000 students and 8000 people pass through its doors.



Woodend Shed...


In November 1998, the Insectarium of Victoria began searching for larger premises to help cater for the increase in visitation and was eventually relocated to the Macedon Ranges next to the Woodend Railway Station. The new 'goods shed' type facility provided larger exhibition space in a more centralized location for visitors throughout Victoria. Student visitations continued to increase to the point where the Insectarium of Victoria became the largest tourist based facility in the Macedon Ranges taking large groups through the facility during the week.

Excursion groups continued to increase in number and often, 250-300 students in 6 road coaches would arrive ready for their IOV experience. Times were hectic indeed back in those days!





As our reputation grew as an outstanding educational provider to students throughout Victoria, more displays and facilities were constantly being added to the museum to help enhance our visitors experience. A theatrette was included and pd programs for teachers were introduced in the final year at the Woodend facility.




Big Plans...

The Insectarium of Victoria continued to operate at that location until 2006 when the new 60 acre site was finalised and approved by council. With this major development underway, the Insectarium of Victoria has gone from strength to strength since its early inception over 20 years ago and it looks forward to the continuation of providing its visitors with a memorable experience into the future.