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Minute animals known as Ostracods are one of the most common invertebrates found in
freshwaters all over the globe and play a vital role in breaking down organic material
so that essential nutrients can be used by plants and other aquatic animals.
Without this process, earths freshwater ecosystems would choke due to biological decay
and eventually, life would no longer be able to exist in such habitats.
The species here can be seen feeding with their hidden mouthparts which are located
underneath their bi-valved external carapace or shell.

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Notonectidae or backswimmers swim on their backs, vigorously paddling with their long,
hair-fringed hind legs and some species are able to attack prey as large as tadpoles and small fish.
They inhabit still freshwaters such as lakes, ponds, marshes, and are sometimes found in garden ponds.