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For your enjoyment...

Our Facilities...

Situated on an elevated 60 acres and bordered by the Campaspe river to the east, the Insectarium of Victoria site incorporates the museum and static displays alongside the 'live' exhibitions as well as the 'Nocturnal' display facility. The site features some wonderful vistas of the Macedon Ranges including Mt Macedon itself.

After your visit through the zoo and museum complex, enjoy a stroll to the Berry Plantation area and partake in some of the local produce available for sale at the kiosk and restaurant.

The Hungry Caterpillar... (Due 2017)

As part of the continuing development of the Insectarium of Victoria facilities, the Hungry Caterpillar Butterfly House and restaurant complex will cater to all our visitors and provide a relaxed facility to partake in some unusual and delicious menu items.

Visitors will not only be able to relax and enjoy a tantalising meal but will be able to enjoy a flurry of wonderfully colored living butterflies as they dance on the wing.

Perhaps you would like a memento of your visit to the Insectarium of Victoria? Our gift shop is bound to have something both unusual and interesting for you to choose from. And plenty for the kids as well!

Guided Walks...

Departing from the Insectarium of Victoria main entrance each day at 1:00pm, follow one of our tour guides for an informative and fascinating walk along the river looking at the ecology of aquatic insects and their importance in monitoring the health of our rivers and streams.

Follow the guided trail and gather around to see the work involved in maintaining honeybees with one of our resident apiarists demonstrating the workings of the bee hive.

Continue along the tour with our guide and learn about the role of insects and related invertebrates in the environment and how certain groups of insects such as ants help to provide vital nutrient recycling in gardens, parks and forests.

After the tour, we head back to the main museum and zoo centre to conclude the guided tour.