Katydid or Tree Cricket.

Opiliones Harvestman or Daddy Long Legs.

Common Honeybee.

Bluebottle Fly.

Orbweaving Spider.

Hermit Crab.

Ladybird Beetle.

Welcome to the NEW IOV


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The Insectarium of Victoria is Australia's most extensive and longest established insect and related invertebrate interpretation museum and zoo. When first opened to the general public in 1993, our mission was to foster an environmental awareness and appreciation of Australia's unique insect and related invertebrate fauna through research, education and a unique quality visitor experience.  That mission continues to this present day.

The Centre...

mantis1The Insectarium of Victoria is often featured in the print, radio and national television media as one of the most unique museum experiences available to both students and the general public within Australia.
Best described as a multi experience zoo, natural history museum and interpretation centre, the IOV specialises in the research and education of insects, spiders and other related invertebrates of Australia and other geographical regions of the world.

Our Invitation...

coocoowaspToday, the Insectarium of Victoria continues to expand its collections and displays and is constantly looking into ways of enhancing its message of invertebrate and insect awareness to our visitors.
We now invite you to experience the Insectarium of Victoria and the Victorian Institute of Invertebrate Sciences.

IOV Fund

The Insectarium of Victoria and the Victorian Institute of Invertebrate Sciences Fund was established in 1993 to help support the administration, infrastructure and maintenance of the centre.


Gift Shop

While visiting the Insectarium, why not browse through our gift shop for something unusual? We have available a wide selection of low priced, educational items for all ages. The sale of our preserved specimens and other items helps to contribute towards our research projects.